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Welcome to®, the private on-line marketplace where you are able to exchange goods and services, cash-free, in one place, 24/7, with a select group of individuals, organizations, and businesses that you know and trust.

Why might you want to do that?  Here are seven possible reasons:

  1. 1. You want to keep more of your hard-earned cash in your wallet  That's called security
  2. 2. You want to avoid certain chores that you can't stand.  That's called outsourcing.
  3. 3. You want to spend more time doing (a) what you love, (b) what you are good at, (c) what you can get paid for, and (d) what the world needs.  That's called Ikigai.
  4. 4. You want to replace some stuff that you don't want with some stuff that you do want.  That's called alchemy.  
  5. 5. You want to develop more beneficial relationships with others.  That's called social capital.  
  6. 6. You want to strengthen one or more of the communities or groups you are associated with.  That's called leadership.
  7. 7. You want people who are different from one another to respect and get along with one another.  That's called bridging divisions.  

Click on the topics below to read how a single website called can do all this, and more.


On CommuniTrader, you begin by creating for yourself a personal marketplace comprised of three types of {Trade Partners} with whom you wish to exchange goods and services: (1) individuals, (2) nonprofit organizations (NPO’s), and (3) businesses.  You trade with individuals by requesting to join the same {Communities} that they have joined.  You trade with NPO’s and businesses either by requesting to join the same Communities that they have joined or by directly selecting them.  There is no cost to trade with up five Communities, five direct NPO's, and five direct businesses.  If you would like a larger marketplace, you may trade with up to 20 additional Communities for a fee of $0.20 to $1.00 per Community per year, the fee depending on the degree of diversity found in the Communities you are already trading with (see more below).  You may not trade with more than five direct NPO's and five direct businesses at one time.  You can view your entire marketplace in your {Trade Partners Grid} on your home page.


When you sign up, CommuniTrader issues to you a personal on-line {Showcase} in which you display:  (1) GOODS that you desire to {sell}, {swap}, {rent}, {loan}, {give away}, or {donate}; and goods that you wish to acquire, and (2) SERVICES that you are willing to perform for pay or for free and services that you wish to acquire.  Your Showcase is comprised of 10 to 100 {Shelves}.  Each Shelf holds a single {Listing} of a good or service that you wish to provide to others or that you wish to acquire for yourself.  Listings may be edited, removed, or replaced on Shelves as often as you wish. Your first 10 Shelves are free forever. If you would like additional Shelves, so that you can post more than 10 Listings at a time, you pay a {Shelf Leasing Fee} of $0.10 to $0.50 per Shelf per year, the fee again depending on the degree of diversity found in the Communities you have joined. You may lease up to 90 additional Shelves. There are no "Listing Fees" when you post a Listing on one of your Shelves.


CommuniTrader solves the common problem of you and/or your {Trade Partners} not having sufficient cash or credit to make a desired purchase.  The solution is an optional alternative medium of exchange known as {Trade Dollars} (TD's). Just like cash or credit, this digital barter currency is EARNED BY SELLING goods and services to your Trade Partners and is USED UP BY BUYING goods and services from your Trade Partners. One TD is equivalent to one U.S. Dollar or to the value of one U.S. Dollar in other currencies. Each Trader creates their initial supply of TD's by selling goods and services to their Trade Partners or, if necessary, by borrowing against a {Line of Credit} of 500 TD offered by CommuniTrader. 


When you purchase goods or services for sale or for rent, and you use {Trade Dollars} for all or part of the payment due, you incur a cash {Trade Dollar Fee} payable to  The Trade Dollar Fee is calculated as one to five percent of the amount of Trade Dollars used, the fee again depending on the degree of diversity found in the Communities you have joined.  There are no fees incurred when cash is used as the only form of payment, and there are no fees incurred for the other types of exchanges you can make, i.e., swapping, borrowing, giving away, or donating goods and services.  


Under CommuniTrader's {Premium Plan}, you remit a credit card payment of $10.00 to CommuniTrader whenever your cumulative leasing fees and Trade Dollar fees exceed $10.00.  You can use many of the features of CommuniTrader without paying any fees at all by enrolling in our {Basic Plan}.  If you are facing {financial hardship}, a {Fees Subsidy} is available that allows you to remain in the Premium Plan for free.


Don't like to take chances on the goods and services you acquire?  On CommuniTrader, all purchases made are covered by two levels of protection:  a {Primary Warranty Protection} Plan specified by the Lister and a {Secondary Warranty Protection} Plan provided by CommuniTrader.  


A major goal of CommuniTrader is to enable you to increase your stock of personal "social capital" -- the amount of contact, reciprocity, and trust that you experience within the various communities to which you belong.  Numerous research studies have demonstrated that increasing your social capital has a positive impact on your health, productivity, financial security, and happiness.  ¶ At the same time, CommuniTrader aims to increase the social capital of each of the communities to which you belong, i.e., the quantity and quality of connections between their members. Increasing the social capital of a community has been shown to increase the likelihood of it achieving its mission, whether it be making friends, making money, making music, making the playoffs, making a neighborhood safe, making our air and water clean, or making peace in the world. CommuniTrader generates social capital by providing the members of a particular community, who otherwise may have limited contact with each other, with ongoing "excuses" to meet in order to exchange goods and services. It acts as a "social fabric cyber loom" to weave an increasing number of connections beween the members of a community and, in so doing, creates a virtuous cycle of exchange, gratitude, reciprocity, and trust.  Your Home Page conveniently displays a consolidated calendar of upcoming events in your Communities that identifies potential locations to carry out such exchanges.  ¶ Over the long run, relationships are sustained by individuals being consistently aware of each other's needs and being willing and able to meet those needs.  CommuniTrader is a tool that makes you aware of the needs of the people who comprise your personal world and allows you to efficiently respond to those needs.  In a phrase, "It makes a village." 


The only drawback of a tool designed to "make a village" is that villages have a tendency to promote bonding between people who are just like each other.  In other words, left to their own devices, groups tend to drift away from the many benefits of {cultural diversity}.  To counterbalance this problem, CommuniTrader offers a financial incentive for you to trade with Communities that bring together or "bridge" different demographic groups.  The incentive takes the form of a discount of up to 80 percent on any cash fees that you may incur while trading on the website.  Ten {Bridging Categories} are taken into consideration when calculating your discount, namely, {Age}, {Disabilities}, {Educational Level}, {Ethnicity/Race}, {Gender}, {Income}, {Parents' Countries of Birth}, {Political Ideology}, {Religion}, and {Sexual Orientation}.  You can also earn up to an 80 percent {Bridging Discount} on the price of selected goods and services offered for sale or for rent by {Trade Partners} of yours who are interested in promoting cultural diversity.  

CUSTOMER SUPPORT + was designed to address a number of complex and inter-related economic and social challenges, e.g., how to optimize the utilization of a Community's resources.  The resulting solution involves a number of novel concepts and approaches that may be difficult to grasp at first but that are easy and even fun to use after a little practice, sort of like learning to ride a bicycle.  Such tasks, with what are sometimes called "steep learning curves", are often best tackled by having someone else initially be at your side to show you the ropes and immediately answer any questions that you may have.  In this spirit, CommuniTrader presents a novel "Trade Aide" concept that offers unlimited, usually-free, customer support via Zoom, telephone, e-mail, or in-person (either at home or wherever the members of your Communities congregate). Trade Aide services are typically provided on a volunteer basis by members of one or more of the Communities with which you are trading. On the other hand, if you prefer to go it alone, our on-line Help features include numerous written and video tutorials, a {glossary} of terms, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's), a free Chat Line and free telephone support.  


Click on "Sign up now" at the top of this page to discover for yourself, risk-free for all, and {cash-free} for many, how much you and the various communities to which you belong may be able to benefit when you make CommuniTrader your first stop for the goods and services you need in your life.



Email: for technical support by email, please use the Leave a Message feature found on the bottom right of every page. For other email, please use


Live Chat - available 9-5 M-F by opening the Live Chat window at the bottom of every page. At other hours, you can leave a message that will be replied to as soon as possible.


Telephone - you may call (800) 555-5555 for free technical support M-F 9am to 5pm EST.


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