Welcome to CommuniTrader.com, the private on-line marketplace where you are able to exchange goods and services, cash-free, in one place, 24/7, with selected friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, and members of all of the other off-line "communities" or groups that comprise your personal world.


CommuniTrader addresses three challenges that many of us face in our daily lives:


1. How can we easily and profitably GET RID OF the clutter in our lives -- things that we don't use or need or want anymore, things that are wasting valuable space in our homes, things that collect dust and then need to be dusted?

2. How can we easily and inexpensively ACQUIRE more of the goods and services that we need or want, given our limited reserves of cash and credit?

3. How can we CONNECT with the other members of the communities to which we belong, in a meaningful and useful way

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